Nov 19, 2018


Nov 19, 2018

CrossFit Black Box – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 20min:

2 Bar Facing Burpees

1 Front Squat

2 T2B

4 Bar Facing Burpees

2 Front Squats

4 T2B

Etc as high up the ladder as you can go in 20minutes

Score is total reps completed. Front Squats should be challenging and be around 65-75%, no heavier than 225/155


Metcon (No Measure)

Lifting to preferably done before the Daily meton. If you can, separate all of the comp work from the daily by at least a couple of hours and a meal. (FYI the separation of comp and daily is best practice on most days if you have the time)

Pause Snatch + Hang Snatch (pause at 1-2″ off the ground)

EMOM for 12min

*Concentrate on solid position off the floor, hips and shoulders should raise at the same rate

7min ladder:

20 Double Unders

10ft Handstand Walk

20 Double Unders

20ft Handstand Walk

20 Double Unders

30ft Handstand Walk

Etc as far up the ladder as possible

*Scale to steps on hands regardless of distance covered, or to shoulder touches on the wall or box.