July 15, 2019


July 15, 2019

CrossFit Black Box – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

Back Squat



*perform at or around 15 reps at 70%, followed by 30 seconds rest, then sets if 5 until you reach 30 total reps (or double the original set)


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

7 min Ladder:

20 Double Unders

1 T2B

20 Double Unders

2 T2B

20 Double

3 T2B

*Only unbroken sets of T2B count.
Scale to knee raises or getting feet as close to bar as possible, but unbroken sets only. Score is reps of T2B, not including Dubs


Metcon (No Measure)

**To be done before daily WOD when possible**

Every 90 Seconds for 7 sets:

1 Snatch Pull + 1 Snatch

*From blocks or plates so bar is set at mid-thigh. Begin at 50% and increase as technique allows.

Rest 5:00

EMOM for 10min:

3 Power Snatches, TNG

*not to exceed 70% of 1RM snatch. Focus on speed through extension and arm turnover.